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About My WorkShop

The workshop works on paper models from the game Lineage 2, whether it be characters, monsters, the weapon, buildings, and other objects. In a workshop it is possible to look at ready models, process of their creation, current and future development. Welcome to my WorkShop!!!


2017-09-21 15:04:13
Character model "Spellsinger" is added.

2017-09-11 12:32:13
Character model "Dark Avenger" is added.

2016-11-02 14:10:03
Character model "Destroyer in Dark Crystal robe Set" is added.

2016-10-06 13:31:45
NPC "Priestess of Dusk" model is added.

2016-09-27 23:47:20
Character model "Trickster in Immortal Set" is added.

2016-02-20 10:55:09
Characters models "Spellhowler in Dark Crystal Robe Set" and "Paladin in Nightmare Heavy Set" are added.

2015-07-16 17:19:37
NPC "Zaken" model is added.

2015-06-30 10:08:52
Summon models "Mechanic golem" and "Big Boom golem" are added.

2015-06-30 10:02:56
NPC "Nerupa" model is added.

2015-02-05 01:11:26

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2015-01-30 22:13:53
Payment via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro is accepted now.

2015-01-28 11:06:44
Photos of assembled model are added.

2015-01-27 16:28:37
Assembly of the "Giran Castle" is finished. Photos and video of assembled model will be added soon.

2015-01-27 15:58:51
Assembly of "Elven Elder with Sword of Valhalla" is complete. Photos and video are added.

Мастерская работает над бумажными моделями из игры Lineage 2, будь то персонажи, монстры, оружие, постройки, и прочие объекты. В мастерской можно посмотреть готовые модели, процесс их создания, нынешние и будущие разработки. Добро пожаловать!